Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally here...

After 14 hours of plane riding, 5 hours of layover time, three gin and tonics, two hours waiting in the Beijing airport for someone to pick me up, deciding they weren't coming, hiring a taxi driver, getting ripped off by said taxi driver, and explaining to a hotel clerk that "w" in my last name does not mean "uu", I have finally made it.

Our hotel is incredible:

Luckily, I thought I was going to miss the Great Wall of China, but we are going tomorrow. I will be posting the "picture of the day" (thanks Jon) and will upload albums onto Facebook. I'm going to bed.

Get over yourself,



stacey said...

why are you in china??!!

--stacey shep

Sam said...

I'm glad to see that your actually able to blog despite the Great Firewall. does gmail work?

CH said...

Stacey-I'm here as my graduation present from my dad

Sam-yes it works and so does iChat

Jonathan Janis said...

glad to see the "pic of the day" will be used.
oh yea, watch out for the taxi drivers... they'll rip you off.